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Our Photo Gallery

Pictures are from club rides, member trips, and organized functions.

Click the picture for the gallery you would like to view.

Club Members ATV Trips
The Early Years

Minnesota Wildlife

Club Trips

Safety Training Pictures

ATV Drags 2008

Hammell 2008 ATV Ride Christmas Party 2007 Trial Opening Dec 2007

ATV Drags 2007

March 2007 Ride

February 2007 Ride

Fall 2006 ATV Challenge

Labor Day 2006 Clark Country WI Ride 2006
August, 2006 Ride ATV Drags 2006 Rushford, MN Parade 2006
Houston, MN Parade 2006 2006 ATVAM Fair February, 2006 Ride
January 1, 2006 Ride January Ride 2006 Club Christmas Party 2005
EMT Fundraising Ride in WI Houston Hoe Down Days 2005 Rushford, MN Parade 2005
Hatfield, WI Club Ride 2004 Burr Oak, WI Drag Race Club Ride June 2005
Chatfield Trail 2010 Mud Bog July 2010 Safety Training 2011
Chatfield Nevada 2012


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